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    Phinisi Boat

    The pinisi or phinisi is a traditional Indonesian two-masted sailing ship.

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    Live a Board

    Explore the beauty of the sea of ​​the Komodo National Park

  • Famed Komodo Dragons
    Famed Komodo Dragons

    Komodo Island is famous as the only place in the world where the largest lizard live in the wild.

Komodo National Park

Komodo was established as a National Park in 1980, then later declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and made a Unesco`s World Heritage site. The National Park is famous as the only place in the world where the Komodo dragon lives in the wild, but it is also one of the richest marine ecosystems left on earth with it`s 1817 km² of pristine, untouched nature. Let us guide you through the top popular destination in Komodo National Park. On board our luxury yachts you can spend an unforgettable weekend, exploring the most beautiful islands in the world with your unique route.



Komodo Island

Komodo National Park offers snorkelling, trekking and breathtaking views from the summits – but everyone comes to see the famed Komodo Dragons. These lizards, known to be as the largest and heaviest in the world, can grow up to 3 meters (10 feet) and weigh up to 330 lbs (150 kg) in its adult state. An official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo Island is a marvelous place. The landscape looks extramundane, with the brown dry hills contrasting with the different shades of blue of Flores Sea.


Rinca Island

Do you want to see the famed Komodo dragons avoid the crowds? Welcome to the Rinca Island! You have the option to choose between three trails. First trek takes 30 minutes. It is the easiest way. Short walk that passes an artificial waterhole before ascending to a hill with a breathtaking view over the bay.The one-hour medium trek winds between dragon nests and out into the sunshine across an exposed savannah. For the best opportunity to see dragons and their prey, choose the two-hour trek past a permanent waterhole and across steep, exposed slopes that offer spectacular views.


Padar Island

Padar is a small island located between Komodo and Rinca islands within Komodo National Park.  This island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations because the scenery that is presented by this island is so amazing. We are promise the view of the islands from Padar will be the best you’ve seen in Indonesia. This place is must have for visiting!


 Taka Makassar

It is so small and so beautiful Island with a stunning color of water. Taka Makassar looks like cozy private swimming pool


Pink Beach

The world-famous Pink Beach is a must-see for everyone visitor to Komodo National Park. With soft, pink sand, crystal clear water, amazing snorkelling and diving spots, Pink Beach is every beach lover’s dream. You will most likely have enough time here to get lunch, snorkel and hike up the nearby hill for a marvelous view looking over the beach.


Manta Point

One of the best diving and snorkeling in Indonesia are in areas like Manta Point, that offer a truly magical experience. Just imagine…you can swim in crystal clear water with a huge manta rays together


Gili Lawa

Gili Laba Darat, also known as Gili Lawa is one of the several breathtaking viewpoints in Komodo National Park, Flores. The island is almost seen as a desert barren savannah which wholly covered by grass. In the dry season the island almost look brown everywhere.

While in the rainy season, the island turns the color into green. Gili Lawa Darat bay is a perfect place for boat to stay during the night as it is always calm and protected from current and waves. This island is just the greatest sunset spot in Komodo National Park. It remains the best place for relax while waiting for the sun slowly drops behind the horizon.


Pulau Kanawa

Kanawa Island is a suitable island for those of you who want to snorkel in the crystal clear water and relax on the beach with white sand like in a postcard. With the sea still clean and underwater ecosystems are still natural to make this island into one of the must-see islands within the Komodo National Park.


Pula Kelor

It is very small island for tourist who likes trekking, unspoiled scenery, amazing view from the cliff and cozy beaches with crystal clear water.